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Regenerative VFD Drives

The EnerDrive ED-7000 Matrix VFD is similar in function to the ED-6000 medium voltage VFD, with the exception of its fully regenerative capability. The ED-7000 Matrix Regenerative Drive features an active rectifier section that normally draws power from the grid and, when over-driven, injects regenerated power back onto it. The unique design has no fixed DC Bus and is patent pending.

The ED-7000MV adjustable frequency drive may be used to significantly reduce energy costs in systems that are naturally suited to regeneration. Such systems typically use motors, running pumps, belts, or other similar tools such as cranes, large excavators, foundries, and hydro-transport. The driven loads can become the energy source when the potential to over-speed, push, or coast during high-inertia load is used to regenerate power and offset the overall costs in the operation.

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