Electrical Services & Equipment

DX3’s Advanced Technology group manufactures ultra-high efficiency DX3 Solar LED Solar Powered Street Lights and the patented DX3Pulsar Anti-Islanding Generator Protection system. The DX3 Solar Street Light has been designed to function in all climates, from cold weather climates with less exposure to the sun, to tropical climates with high solar radiation.

DX3 Enterprises Ltd. is a leading equipment manufacturing company providing unique expertise in quick-turnaround manufacturing of designed-for-client Electrical Equipment, making DX3 Enterprises Ltd. a valued supplier to the industry.

DX3 Enterprises Ltd.’s manufacturing & product development services provides electrical skids, Custom Electrical Panels, MCC E-houses, electrical buildings, and other engineering technology, used in conventional oil, gas, Oilsands & SAGD, mining, and utility substations.

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